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发布日期: 2021-07-28 来源:湖州市人民政府外事办公室



  Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic detected in Nanjing Lukou Airport has spread to several provinces and cities around China. Huzhou is adjacent to Jiangsu Province and has frequent visit exchanges, which increases the risks of virus input. In order to effectively strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work and ensure the life and health safety of the people, we hereby issue the following notice:
  1.Actively report the residence history in medium and high-risk areas. People coming or returning to Huzhou from Nanjing City, having stayed in or passed Nanjing Lukou airport, having had contacts with staff of Lukou airport or having been to medium and high-risk areas since July 10th should immediately report to the local community (village) or hotel, and cooperate in receiving  the nucleic acid tests and undertaking certain health management measures.
  2.Actively cooperate in the closed-loop management for inbound passengers. People coming or returning to Huzhou from abroad should undertake the “14+7+7” health management measures and report to the local authority, including 14 days of medical isolation at the ports, 7 days of health observation at home and 7 days of health monitoring after health check. People who have finished the 14-day quarantine in Zhejiang Province and come or return to Huzhou should have a closed-loop transfer between the quarantine site and home. Those who have finished the 14-day quarantine outside Zhejiang Province should have a closed-loop transfer between the first stop in Zhejiang and home.
  3.Effectively reduce the risk of infection caused by travel. Please don't travel to medium and high-risk areas both at home and abroad unless necessary. People who are now in medium and high-risk areas, please postpone the date of  coming or returning to Huzhou for the safety reason. Please show the health codes(vaccination record), accept temperature measuring and keep wearing facial masks when going to public areas or taking public transportation. 
  4.Attach great importance to personal health management. Please wash hands frequently, maintain good indoor ventilation and keep social distance. Those who have symptoms like fever, cough, lacking in strength,  diminished sense of smell and taste, rhinobyon, running nose, pharyngalgia, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea or other symptoms of Covid-19 should avoid taking public transport and immediately visit the fever clinics nearby with masks on. 
  5.Receive vaccination as early as possible. Those who are in favorable health conditions are advised to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. According to the epidemic prevention and control measures, people should show the health codes(vaccination records) and accept body temperature check at key public sites, including government organs, enterprises and institutions, medical Institutions, supermarkets and malls, farmer's markets, hotels and scenic areas. Those who have not taken vaccination should cooperate in registration work and  get vaccination as soon as possible if their health condition allow.  
  Every citizen are required to comply with the local disease prevention and control measures. Those who are suspected of deliberately concealing their travel history, go out without premission during the observation period, or disrupt the normal order of epidemic prevention and control, shall be investigated for corresponding legal responsibility according to law.

Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Huzhou City
July 28, 2021

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